Virtual Summer Program – 2020

Stovykla, ramiai! Camp Neringa has an important announcement to make! Our virtual programming has begun! 

Over the next few weeks, a group of your program coordinators and counselors will be posting “classes” here on Neringa’s social media accounts on Mondays and Thursdays of every week. They’ll be brief videos with songs, dances, prayers, recipes, reflections, and more — just like what you’d learn at Neringa! 

Be sure to check back on Thursday when the bell will ring for our first class! Until then: Išsiskirstom! Valio!

Video #1: Šaltibarštis Film

The bell is ringing, and all cabins are heading to cooking class with Gaja! Come learn how to make šaltibarščiai, otherwise known as “PINK SOUP”!

Video #2: Learn the Days of the Week

Our next class is LT Language with English Camp Counselor, Jess! Join us to learn how to say the days of the week in Lithuanian!

Video #3: Card Making with Steph

Did you hear the bell? Time to run to the Art House for Card Making with Steph. Post your artwork and tag us #virtualneringa so that we can all enjoy it. Then, send your card to a friend or loved one!

Video #4: Let’s Sing a Hymn Together!

Did you hear the bell? Time to go to the Chapel and remember one of our beloved hymns: Tas Kuris Tiki. Let’s sing and praise God together!

Video #5: Cooking Class with Jana

Time to wash your hands and put on your aprons! It’s time for cooking class with Jana. What delicious Lithuanian food do you think you’ll be making today?

Video #6: Lithuanian Anthem

Do you remember the words to our beloved Lithuanian anthem? Let’s march to the flag area and sing together.

Video #7: Reflection & Evening Hymn, “Our Father,” with Stooph

After a long camp day let’s meet in the pieva, reflect on our day, and sing “Our Father” together.

Video #8: Learn How to Make a Raguolis with Becca and Joe

Did you hear the bell? Time to head to your next class in the valgyklą. Today you’ll learn all about how to make a raguolis. Skanaus & Enjoy!

Video #9: Vytas and Andrius debut their song Visi Kartu

Grab your flashlight! We’re headed to the laužas this evening to hear a new camp song, Visi Kartu (All of Us Together). An English translation is forthcoming! Let’s learn this song, all together!

Video #10: Camp Songs with Clark

Ding, Ding, Ding! There’s the bell again! Time to grab your instrument and meet Clark in the pieva for a camp song sing-a-long!

Video #11: Sculptures with Vytas

With so many great art projects our vadovai bring to camp, have you ever wondered what’s in their personal collection? Vytas is here to show you what he’s up to when he’s not leading a watercolor or woodworking project at Neringa.

Video #12: Cooking with Gabby & Alyssa

Hurry to the valgykla side door for your piece of tinginys and a cup of milk! Luckily it looks like the Walsh girls made enough for everyone. You can make some too, even on a hot day like this! Gabby and Alyssa are here to show you how!

Video #13: Nature Words of the Day with Harrison

Make sure you have your socks and sneakers on for a socially distant hike with Harry! What Neringa hiking spot are you missing the most?? Where are you hiking and exploring around where you are??

Video #14: Kugelis with Darius

Refuel after today’s hike with a big piece of comfort… I mean, kugelis! Darius has the recipe that will make you feel all warm, fuzzy and full!!

Video #15: Beekeeping with Vida and Ruta

Honey gets used across Lithuanian cuisine, so beekeeping has been a long standing tradition. You may just enjoy the sweet nectar, but check out the work (and love) that goes into it with the Strazdis family.

Video #16: Wood Burning with Inga

Lithuanian folk art covers a lot of ground from weaving, to amber, to dyed Easter eggs and carvings. What better way to decorate those carvings than with some wood burning? Check out Inga’s video for some ideas, it’s 🔥

Video #17: Neringa Has My Heart Tie Dye Project

Name a better combination than Lithuanian pride and tie-dye. (Ačiū Jerry Garcia and the ’92 Lithuanian Olympic basketball team.) We’ll wait. While we wait, you can get some inspo for your new summer look with Atiana!

Video #18: Meditation with Trisha

We know everyone is missing the pieva extra this year. So take a moment out of the crazy time we are in, and let Trisha take you to the field we all know and love (and have definitely laid in on a blanket with friends).

Video #19: Bulviniai Blynai ir Kalbos Pamoka su Gaila

Hurry to the valgykla for two lessons in one! No surprise as to who is leading the lesson here! Lithuanian and English speaking camp teacher, Gaila, will teach us how to prepare potato pancakes. She’ll also help strengthen our Lithuanian language skills. Skanaus ir smagaus!

Video #20: Flag Lowering with Vilija & Gaja

Where has the day gone? It’s already time for flag? Do we have a šūkis? Time to march to the flag area with your cabin mates for one last flag lowering at our dear Camp Neringa. Stovykla, ramiai!