SKANAUS! The Neringa Cookbook

Celebrating 55 Years of Culinary Heritage at Camp

All recipes in Lithuanian and English!

Important Notes

  • All proceeds from the sale of the book benefit Camp Neringa, Inc., supporting the ongoing operations of camp.

  • You may order up to 5 copies of the book to ensure that the community can enjoy it – if there is enough demand we will reprint it!

  • Shipping is currently only available to the United States

About the Cookbook

We are thrilled to present a culinary treasure that celebrates 55 years of Camp Neringa’s rich history and traditions.
The Skanaus! cookbook is a unique collection that brings together dozens of recipes that were cooked at Camp Neringa over the years. This cookbook is a testament to the memories, traditions, and friendships that have flourished within Neringa’s welcoming embrace. This book is a representation of our lives at Neringa, where everybody pitches in a helps to get the job done. Please take time to notice the pictures, and see our whole community: young and old, cooking together.

This unique Neringa cookbook includes recipes from all aspects of Neringa. Many recipes come from the successful Lithuanian Culinary Heritage weekends held at Neringa in 2017 and 2022. Other recipes come from people who have worked in Neringa’s kitchen for various events, including the Lithuanian speaking sessions, the Heritage sessions, Family camps, Women’s Weekend, Iškyla/Walkathon, Talka, Mushroom and Nature weekend, and Meno8Dienos. These recipes will live on, and will be used for classes at all camp sessions, for years to come.

Skanaus! is printed in both Lithuanian and English languages, using a unique reversible printing method. The copies meet in the middle for a series of notes pages.

There are also some golden oldies from beloved cooks from the early days of Neringa. We hope you enjoy this collection of Neringa’s culinary history!

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Editorial Team

The Editorial Team – Jana Sirusaitė Motivans, Rebecca Liudzius, Ray Stemplys, Dana Vainauskienė, Orinta Kalibatas, and Austėja Galinytė – dedicate this book to Neringa’s 55th birthday.

‘This cookbook is not just a collection of recipes; it’s a celebration of the memories, traditions, and friendships that have flourished within Neringa’s welcoming embrace.’
– Jana Sirusaitė Motivans

Cookbook Features

  • 78 recipes lovingly documented from Neringa’s rich history.

  • Recipes include contributions from various events and beloved cooks over the years.

  • Bilingual: the book is formatted with both Lithuanian and English language recipes.

  • Table of Measurements: the book has a handy table to help cooks from all nations easily prepare delicious food

  • Richly illustrated with photos capturing the community’s vibrancy and cultural heritage.

“Cooking from this book brings back so many wonderful memories of my time at Neringa. It’s like having a piece of camp with me at home.”
– Rebecca Liudzius


What is the price of the “Skanaus!” cookbook?
The cookbook is priced at $40 per copy purchased online. Shipping is included.

Where can I purchase the cookbook?
The cookbook is available for purchase at (the top of this page), or during various Neringa events.

Is the cookbook available in both Lithuanian and English?
Yes, the cookbook is bilingual and includes recipes in both Lithuanian and English.

Can I purchase more than one copy?
Yes, from the website you can purchase up to five copies at a time for friends and family and as gifts. Please contact if you are interested in a larger bulk order.

I do not live in the United States. Will you ship the book to me?
Unfortunately, at the current time we can only ship books to the United States. (We have an especially low shipping rate in the United States that does not carry through to other countries). Please either visit us at one of our many events this summer and fall to get a cookbook.

I would like to know more about the book, how it was made, how the recipes were chosen… Is there someone I can speak with?
For questions not related to ordering the cookbook, please contact She and the Editorial Team would be happy to answer your questions.