Camp Neringa maintains its non-profit status as a cultural, religious, and educational organization. Other groups with a cultural, religious, or educational purpose may apply to use Neringa’s facilities off season.

A unique spirit flows through Neringa – a spirit fueling creativity, encouraging personal development, and inspiring spiritual growth. The spirit of Neringa challenges individuals to foster group cooperation and experience community. This spirit has touched the lives of many people well beyond the bounds of this wooded retreat.

Reservation Request Form

Neringa is a place that abounds in beauty. Located within the tranquil forests and hills of Vermont, Neringa boasts facilities that reflect the work of artisans and the care of respectful individuals. Our modern facilities complement the natural beauty of the surroundings and serve to provide a comfortable place of gathering.

Respect and Responsibility
As we share the uniqueness of what Neringa offers, we expect those who spend time at Neringa to respect both the premises and the spirit for which Neringa exists. We accept groups with specific religious, cultural or educational programs to use the facilities to promote positive growth experiences.

The main lodge, the cabins, and the chapel are available for your use. The building adjacent to the chapel, the resident manager’s house and the administration cabin are private residences. All of the outdoor area is available for you to enjoy. This includes the outdoor chapel, sports field, basketball and volleyball courts, obstacle course and pond.

You are welcome to use all available equipment: sports equipment, TV, VCR, piano, kitchen utensils and dishes. No dietary equipment can be used for purposes outside of meals preparation, and please do not remove equipment from the kitchen. Treat all equipment with care and return everything to its original location.

The Resident Manager will be on site during your stay. If you have any questions regarding the use of the facility or require any assistance please direct all inquiries to the Resident Manager.

Each person or group must carry Liability Insurance to cover any accident that may occur. Please report any accidents to the Resident Manager.

Reserving Neringa’s Facilities
Please complete the reservation request form and send it to: Camp Neringa, Inc., 147 Neringa Rd., Brattleboro, VT 05301

You may contact Jonas Jankuaskas by email or phone with any questions.

Emergency telephone numbers are posted by the telephones. A first aid kit is located in the kitchen next to the microwave. An automated external defibrillator is also mounted on the wall in the kitchen. Fire extinguishers are located throughout the facilities, and a sprinkler system operates in the main lodge.

The phone in the dining hall requires a calling card. For incoming calls, the number is 802-254-9819. This phone can be used to place an emergency 911 call.

Smoking is not permitted inside any building. When smoking outside, please dispose of cigarettes tidily (ashtrays are available upon request).

Pets are not allowed at Neringa.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when at the pond, whether swimming or playing in the area. Neringa will not provide a lifeguard during your stay. Use the pond area responsibly at your own risk.

The stove, refrigerator, pots, pans, dishes and utensils are available for your use. No dietary equipment can be used for purposes outside of meals preparation, and please do not remove equipment from the kitchen. Everything that you use must be cleaned and returned to its original location. The dishwasher may be available for larger groups. Smaller groups should hand wash.

Dining and Living Room
The tables and chairs may be rearranged to suit your group and program and must be returned to their original positions upon leaving. Eating should be limited to the dining room. Please do not take food or drinks into the living room, second floor or basement. If you wish to hang things on the walls, please use the clothes pin strings or bulletin boards provided. No thumb tacks or tape on the wooden walls.

Bring your own sleeping bags, pillows, linens, towels, and toiletries.

Please leave the facility clean. Each group is responsible for leaving the premises as clean as you found them. We suggest that you schedule cleaning time into your program. Return all items to their original locations. Thoroughly clean all used areas by sweeping and damp mopping as necessary. Bathrooms are cleaned with the sponges and cleaning agents provided. Bag all garbage and place in dumpster by the parking lot. Please report any damages to the Resident Manager.


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