Staff & Counselors

Staff and Counselors are the very heart of Neringa, since they put Neringa’s mission into action. Please read below how counselors nurture and uphold Neringa’s mission. Contact the Summer Camp Director Dana VainauskienÄ— at if you have any questions regarding employment at Neringa.

Lithuanian Culture

Neringa is a Lithuanian cultural immersion camp. We strive to create a Lithuanian ethnic atmosphere, to teach our campers as much as we can about our common heritage, and to instill pride and love for the Lithuanian culture.

Faith and Spirituality

We entrust all of our camp activities, every camper, counselor, and person at Neringa to Our Lord. We constantly turn to God in praise and thanksgiving, commending to God our needs and intentions. Faith is an ongoing inner journey. While at Neringa, staff and counselors are asked to take advantage of the various opportunities to nurture their own faith in the Roman Catholic tradition. In sharing our faith experience and being open to growth, we ourselves help create God’s kingdom in our midst.

Tradition has evolved that Thursday night the staff and counselors gather in the chapel for Mass or prayer. We take this time to pray and to reflect on our own mission at camp in God’s presence. Many former counselors remember this Thursday night prayer tradition and join us in spirit and prayer.

Cooperative and Community Living

To work cooperatively and to support one another is the ‘golden rule’ of Neringa. The uniqueness of Neringa is that we do not limit ourselves to our own designated and primary tasks. Each one looks for ways to help with another’s responsibilities. By working together we enable each other and balance out our own weaknesses. Thus, counselors come to demonstrate initiative, an awareness of each other’s needs, assistance, encouragement, educational challenges, and constructive feedback. It is precisely this kind of cooperation and working in a community that makes Neringa so rewarding for its staff and counselors.


Staff Forms

Are you interested in helping in the Kitchen or becoming a camp Nurse or camp Summer Manager? Or maybe you are willing to share your talent in art, nature, music, dance, drama, literature, lead personal growth and religious classes, or share your knowledge of Lithuanian history, language, folklore, art, etc.?

If you’re interested and want to become part of our Neringa team this summer, we want to hear from you!

Please fill out this Neringa Staff 2024 Application Form

Please contact Dana: with any questions.

Counselor Forms

(Application Form for counselors and CITs will be available February 1, 2024)


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Mission and Vision of Neringa

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