Oki Doki!

Let’s Bring Edgaro Family to Neringa!

For 15 years Edgaras Šnipaitis has travelled from Lithuania and dedicated his summers to teaching Neringa campers traditional folk dancing. An entire generation of campers and counselors learned to love dance, and everyone loves Edgaras!

For years, Edgaras has given his summers to us; this summer we have a chance to show our gratitude to Edgaras.

Edgaras’ travel is funded by grants from some of our generous donors, we are looking to raise money to allow his family to travel to Vermont and for his daughters to attend several weeks of camp.

Let’s raise the funds to let Edgaras’ wife Lina and daughters Adelė, Izabelė, Sofija, Aleksandra, to come to camp and become a part of our Neringa family.

Click here to view the progress we have made on this fundraiser.

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Oki-Doki Let’s Bring Edgaro Family to Neringa!