Former Neringa campers and counselors have come together at Neringa for the annual work weekend (June), for folk culture weekends, for Winter Šventė/Celebration, for reunions on Columbus Day weekend, for Christmas celebrations and even to ring in the new year! Alumni usually lead or help facilitate these events with the help of the directors.

Fans of Neringa have also hosted benefit events in their home cities, far beyond the borders of Neringa. Neringa’s newsletter Skambutis has been published in the past largely to the credit of volunteers. Currently we have a particular need for help in the following areas: organizing “Iškyla” in October and other events, writing articles about Neringa for the press, and attracting off-season retreat groups and summer campers to Neringa. If you are interested in leading or helping organize any of these activities or if you have suggestions, please contact Business Manager Vydas Marijošius:

Neringa also does her best to maintain contact with all of her friends. If you have recently moved or changed your email address, please send Jonas your updated information.

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