About Us

Neringa is a Lithuanian cultural camp founded by the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception in 1969. For 50 years Neringa has served thousands of children and families with the mission to provide a nurturing experience rich in Lithuanian heritage and Christian faith that encourages the positive character development of campers, counselors, staff, families and all participants. 

In addition to camps, Neringa offers occasional alumni events. Other organizations should feel free to contact our administration regarding the use of facilities at Neringa


2020 Summer Calendar

June 27-July 1  –  Lithuanian Heritage Family Camp in English

July 6-11  –  Family Camp for Lithuanian Speakers

July 12-26  –  Children’s Camp for Lithuanian Speakers (7-16 yr-olds)

July 26  –  Summer Festival Putnam CT

July 26-August 1  –  “Third Week” Youth camp for Lithuanian speakers (12-16 yr-olds)

August 2-15  –  Lithuanian Heritage Children’s Camp in English (7-16 yr-olds)

August 15-22  –  “Third Week” Lithuanian Heritage Youth camp in English (12-16 yr-olds)

August 26-30  –  Cultural Days (ages 21+)

Full Year Calendar